WAAILA Tracking Validator

Nifty Google Chrome extension for data layer validation & inspection. With the current pace of agile development and changes push to the website, data layer testing is often compromised. Why to let a human do something that a tool can do for you? This extension checks whether your data layer is populated correctly and contains all data required by your MAdTech infrastructure.

Discovering the errors in the data layer fast is time effective, it also prevents inaccurate data collection consequently easing testing of the following applications in the data process.

  • Validate your data layer
    Track the errors in the data layer to ensure accurate data collection, subsequently for proper data analysis and measuring.
  • Use your custom JSON schema
    Compare your specified data layer schema with the actual situation on the website to see inconsistencies.
  • Data collection inspection
    See what data is being collected to ensure the right information is being transferred to other platforms and if it is consistent.
  • Merged object displaying
    Keep it simple by choosing a merged overview of the event.
  • See previous page
    View the previous page to see events that occurred just before redirection.
  • Choose your name for the data layer
    Change the name of the data layer to your own in order to differentiate and structure multiple data layers or to keep your privacy by not using the default names that are easier to search.

How it works

Web Analytics Artificial Intelligence Analyzer

WAAILA Tracking Validator is a semi-automated troubleshooting tool that inspects and validates the data layer.

  • Inspector side shows an overview of what data from the website is being pushed to the data layer and then collected for further use.
  • Compared to other tools, WAAILA Tracking Validator shows stages of events reduced to a specific event for easier search of a certain interaction.
  • Additionally, it is possible to see the data content from the previous page.
  • Validator side unlocks the possibility of comparing thus validating JSON schema of the specified data layer to what is happening on the website.
  • All the errors are highlighted in colors for better detection as punctuation and exact series of brackets are very hard to spot, which in reality is crucial for optimal data layer functioning. Just a few missing dots can generate extensive inconsistencies.
  • Being able to see where exactly the error occurs and what problems it causes helps to understand general issues of the data layer, when not implemented correctly, and speed the process of retrieval.
  • The validation takes only a few seconds compared to long manual crawling.

Use cases

  • Data layer implementation on websites
    WAAILA Tracking Validator can be utilized by any website during and after (new) data layer implementation and when changes on the website occur, which can happen daily or on monthly bases.
  • Developer’s and analyst’s new friend
    The tool can be used by developers implementing the data layer to help track code errors and reduce testing time significantly, and by analysts and marketers, who are interested in improving data measuring and marketing campaign achievements in the long term.

When you are implementing a data layer on your website to track your customers’ website interactions and transfer the information to Tag Management System or analytical platform, it is essential to avoid errors in your implementation process. Start to validate your data layer now!

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