Comprehensive application for automatic data quality monitoring, supported by a global community of hundreds of expert web analysts. Due to poor quality data we saw our clients were having, and its impact on decision quality, we decided to tackle this issue and developed a new tool. It is supported with machine learning and AI algorithms to continuously monitor what data you are collecting. With WAAILA you will never waste money on marketing campaigns or lose customers again, because of website issues. Detect and avoid web measurement attacks.

  • Data control and accurate measuring
    Validate your data and take control of your analytics and measuring. They need to be precise in order to utilize its full potential therefore it requires the validation and monitoring.
  • Ensured high quality of the data
    Make sure your data is in high quality and accurate to elevate your marketing strategy. The quality of the data is key for serving its true purpose and leveraging it for business growth.
  • Automation
    Save time, energy, and attain better results with automated validation. Replacing the exhausting manual tasks opens new opportunities and grants you the reliance in your data.
  • Failures notification
    Get notified immediately when the failure occurs to minimize the damage and prevent irreversible consequences caused by slow detection.
  • Contribution to more precise decisions
    Be confident when making decisions thanks to high data quality and its accuracy. Especially strategic decisions need to be based on precise data to achieve the best results.
  • Easy-to-use
    Start validating right after logging in. Simple and user-friendly interface was designed for easy management. Color coded schemes show visible distinguishing of each failure and its severity.
  • Numerous built-in validation tests
    Validate typical problems in one click with almost a hundred of verified built-in tests, trained on marketing data streams, that helps to solve the most common issues in data fallacy.
  • Create your own tests
    You can build your own tests for new or very specific problems.

How it works

Web Analytics Artificial Intelligence Analyzer

WAAILA™ is Web Analytics Artificial Intelligence Analyzer programmed to reveal data anomalies and inconsistencies. The main benefits contribute to the accurate measuring of web data practically instantly in addition to its simple management.

WAAILA™ alerts the failures on time, contributing to improved marketing strategies.

It provides an option to create your own tests, tailored to specific cases, and also contains a vast number of pre-set tests developed to run at once. Therefore, quality control is only one click away.

Solving the problem manually is overly time-consuming, inducing your business to wasted resources and lost opportunities. It takes away the operative, manual, and slow control tasks, provides marketing effectiveness and yields new prospects to thrive.

Use cases

  • Google Analytics Validation
    Often the results shown in Google Analytics (or other analytical tools) are distorted due to low quality or unrealistic data, which causes imprecise decisions.
  • Small and large e-commerce
    The application's utilization extends from small websites to large e-commerce businesses, including agency use for multiple accounts.

Find out more about web data accuracy with WAAILA™ and get the data you can absolutely rely on!

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