Code Of Conduct

Opening Words

"At Cross Masters, we believe that every company should be responsible not only to its founder, but also to its employees, partners, customers, suppliers and society as a whole. In everything we do, we take into account an ethical approach, openness, honesty, and we believe that applying this value will bring positive benefits in the long run.

This document describes our exemplary behaviour, our shared ethical values and our common goal of creating a socially responsible company and is therefore not definitive, but continuously updated and kept alive in order to be a company with a good name and satisfied employees."

Markéta Frimlová, Office Manager

Why do we have a Code of Conduct and who is it for?

The Cross Masters Code of Conduct sets out the core social and business values and in detail describes the expected behaviour within the company and our responsibilities in relation to customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. It is a set of specific rules that are based on our values and that we believe are the right ones.

The Code of Conduct applies to all employees and associates in the performance of their duties. It is intended to ensure that everyone acts in an exemplary manner and shares common values at all times. Regardless of the corporate hierarchy, we all ensure that it is adopted, properly observed and upheld on a daily basis.

The Code aims to support new employees to become familiar with the rules of ethical behaviour. It is also a tool for presenting our corporate culture to customers and the public, as well as to potential employees. At the same time, it protects the company and its employees from loss of reputation and possible sanctions.

Our reputation rests on the trust of our employees, and the Code of Conduct sets out clear rules on how to deal with undesirable behaviour and the penalties for breaking the rules it sets out.

Behaviour of managers and team-leaders

The Code of conduct describes in detail the principles of ethical behaviour of our employees. Its aim is to establish a uniform understanding of our values in our daily work practice.

Our values express who we are and how we behave towards ourselves and the people we work with.

The company's core values include:

Open Communication

We know that only direct, clear communication leads to proper understanding and functioning both within the company and towards our partners and clients. We avoid misunderstandings by checking for correct understanding, not relying on mere hints, but confirming everything in writing. We are open about our doubts and are not afraid to address them.

We do not hide behind anyone, we openly communicate our opinions and fully respect the company hierarchy. We respect the rules of feedback. We know that if we want to change anything, the input has to come from each of us, that's our responsibility. We are honest, open and positive without unnecessary emotions. If we are unable to reach a solution, we ask for support from a supervisor whose own interest is the good functioning of the team. We build a company culture where no one is afraid to safely and openly say what they really think.


We create relationships based on maximum confidence, both at the level of co-operation within the company and towards to our customers. We build long-term relationships with clients based on listening to the customer, conveying truthful information, meeting agreements and deadlines, and doing a good job. All of this is essential to us. We understand that this is the only way our clients will perceive us as reliable and trustworthy partners.

Creating positive interpersonal relationships

Our goal is to build and maintain a positive and informal working environment with a friendly atmosphere and zero tolerance for any form of discrimination with a view to promoting the personal and professional development of our employees.

Work-life balance

We place emphasis on work-life balance and respect the working hours of all colleagues. We strive to manage all our life roles and optimize our time. Therefore, all direct communication is handled within agreed working hours.

Our shared principles

Behaviour at the workplace

Respect for human rights

We respect fundamental human rights and freedoms, in particular the right to life and health, the inviolability of the person and his or her privacy, the right to preserve human dignity, personal honor and reputation, freedom of thought, religion and expression. We respect freedom of speech and treat colleagues equally at all times, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, religion or ideology, disability, age or sexual identity. We guarantee the right to human dignity, privacy and protection of personality to all employees. At all times, we do not engage in or promote the use of child or forced labor.

Bullying and sexual harassment

We reject any form of harassment, humiliation or intimidation. Bullying between colleagues is not acceptable in our company. Nor do we tolerate any form of sexual harassment, whether verbal or physical. We consider sexual harassment to be any form of unsolicited verbal, non-verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

Our Health and Safety

Preventing workplace accidents and illnesses is a critical responsibility. We require all employees to comply with all health and safety regulations. All employees undergo regular training and follow the regulations. We only have one health each, so we protect each other's health. If we feel ill, we prefer to stay at home to avoid infecting colleagues who may be less resilient.

Compliance with legislation

Compliance with applicable legislation

We comply with generally binding legislation (laws, decrees, regulations) as well as all internal regulations, guidelines and employer's orders in all areas of our work. We place great emphasis on the transparency and accuracy of all documents. Violations of applicable laws may lead to immediate termination of cooperation.

Cooperation with business partners

Relations with business partners

We build long-term and friendly relationships with our business partners based on mutual respect and trust. All written and verbal communication must be reliable and correct in order to build the reputation of our company. We treat our partners in accordance with our ethical standards and values, we are interested in their opinion and respond to their suggestions in a timely manner. We treat all our communications as confidential and keep them secure, protecting them from unauthorized access.

Resolving conflicts of interest

We support fair and equitable competition. We try to avoid situations that would give the impression of a conflict of interest. We inform management of all non-work activities and relationships that could be considered a conflict of interest (e.g. other profitable activities).

We report minor gifts or considerations to our superiors and accept gifts with caution and only if they are judged to be appropriate in a given case.

We expect our suppliers to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We build relationships with them based on trust and respect. We select them according to pre-determined objective and transparent criteria.

Protection of personal data and company property

Personal data protection

We comply with all legislation relating to the protection of personal data, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All our employees follow the applicable standards and take care to protect personal data collected in the course of their work.

Protection of company assets

Every employee takes care to protect the company's tangible and intangible assets, regardless of their origin, nature or purpose. This obligation continues after the end of employment. The Company's assets may not be used for illegal purposes or for purposes unrelated to the Company's business. Company assets are used for private purposes only with the consent of the employer.

Protection of reputation

It is in our interest to build, protect and spread the company's reputation. In public, on social media and in everyday contact with other people, we express ourselves politely, with respect and consideration for different opinions and attitudes. We always express ourselves in accordance with the company's values. We strengthen and maintain our company's reputation as a socially responsible company working towards the sustainable development of the information technology sector.

Social responsibility

Environmental responsibility

We promote environmental responsibility and environmentally sustainable economic growth. Each of us, at our own level, strives to ensure that our activities have a minimal negative impact on the environment. We focus on protecting natural resources and managing waste, energy and water wisely. Waste sorting is a matter of course for us.

Our approach

Enthusiasm for technology

We are a team of technology enthusiasts and together we create innovative solutions for digital marketing.

Adherence to the principles of professionalism

We build long-term partnerships with our customers and business partners based on mutual respect and professionalism. We take full responsibility for everything we develop. We do not hide behind excuses, we follow through. Communication is the basis for us. We inform colleagues and customers about everything as soon as possible, because we believe that problems solved in a timely and calm manner are behind client satisfaction. Each of us is responsible for our own solution. We are aware that a possible lack of communication can often be the cause of misunderstandings and lead to endangering our relationships with our clients.

We advise our clients as best we can and focus on their requirements. We select the best people and support them. We participate in training on all aspects of our work. We use and invent our own tools to do our work better, correctly and constantly prove ourselves. We deliver our services 100% and without compromise.


Every project we undertake starts by building a global view of our clients' needs. We approach each project with the client's specific requirements in mind and look at the root cause. Our goal is to create continuous improvement and support a better strategy, not just fix one part of a complex problem. We deliver conceptual solutions to individual requirements with a tailored solution design.


We are not dependent on technology suppliers. We use and invent tools ourselves to do our job right, better and continuously improve. We specialize in developing innovative, data-driven solutions to power (not only) digital marketing.

Closing provisions and control of compliance with the Code of Conduct

The company's management is fully aware of its social responsibility and declares that it will be guided by these values and moral standards in its decision-making processes, and equally commits its employees to adhering to them in their daily activities. Team leaders take a similar approach to values, contributing to the development of their teams and creating motivating conditions.

Bindingness of the Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is binding on all Cross Masters employees. Employee conduct that is in direct contravention of this Code of Ethics may be considered a serious breach of employment obligations and will result in employment consequences.

How to report undesirable behaviour

If an employee observes a violation of the Code of Conduct or feels that he or she is not being treated properly, it is his or her responsibility and duty to report such conduct in good faith so that corrective action can be taken. The whistleblower may report orally or in writing to the Chief Executive Officer or Human Resources. All reports will be properly investigated and necessary corrective action will follow. Actions taken will be handled and recorded with absolute confidentiality regarding the identity of the whistleblower and the identity of the individuals involved.

You may use the following communication channels to make a report: