TV Advertising Effectiveness

How to meassure and analyze television ads

TV advertisement is not slowing down with different platforms, on the contrary it keeps trending. Measure the effectiveness of your TV campaign.

  • More efficient TV campaigns
    Analyze the results from your TV Ad to optimize future campaigns
  • Cost Savings
    Eliminate errors from estimations via the real data overview of the impact on different channels.
  • Higher investment returns
    Well balanced campaign can yield efficiency improvement around 20%.
  • Useful Ad impact insights
    Uncovers a detailed and true picture of the performance of different campaign elements in the context of the overall objectives.
  • Better decision making
    More precise decisions for future campaigns, their investment returns and how the spots actually affect the sales.
  • More effective planning of consecutive marketing mix
    Positive impact on other marketing channels

How we do it

Correlating the customers’ responses with TV advertisement to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

  • Tracking reactions
    We track customers’ reactions in the moment of the campaign, shortly after and in long term.
  • Increase monitoring
    We observe the increase of website traffic at the time of the spot or right after it has been aired.
  • Comparing trends and actual traffic
    Examining trend curves of the campaign in comparison to website traffic fluctuations.
  • Cross-linking the impacts
    Linking the effect across various TV channels, every spot kind and the progress over time.
  • Campaign or no campaign
    Evaluating the outcomes with an estimation of what would happen without the campaign.

Use cases

Post campaign analysis uncovers detailed and true picture of different campaign elements and their performance in the context of the overall objectives.

  • Company branding or call-to-action spots may influence different results yet measurement of both provide valuable perception.
  • Tracking visits or app downloads can be objectives of the campaign, depending on its targets.

Competitive advantage and new possibilities arise from data driven decisions. Understand the impact of your campaigns better today for better effects tomorrow!

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