Customer Data Cache

Retrieve and access your customer data faster while providing excellent user experience on your website.

  • Safe, Fast, Minimal Latency
    Delivering customers’ data from the storage safely, quickly with minimal latency.
  • Reduced storage price without speed compromises
    Cost reduction of the data storage, however not slowing down the website performance.
  • Higher speed
    Increasing the speed of the information retrieval while allowing higher throughput.
  • Pushing data into marketing platforms
    The best way to push user aggregated data into marketing platforms
  • Withholding big demands at peak times
    No collapsing under pressure when many systems call for the data at the same time.
  • No boundaries
    DWH has technological limits, long response time and crashes when they are too busy. CDC does neither of those things.

How it works

Subset with regular updating for instant data fetching

Creating a data subset makes it easier to find and fetch particular data almost instantly, as the calculations happen elsewhere, e.g. Datawarehouse.

CDC retrieves requested data, stores them with a special key, updates them regularly and allows the website or marketing platforms to access the data using the special key easily (for example customer ID).

Use cases

  • CRM and Internal Databases
    Customers’ data on purchase history or product affinity are those with business value, yet they are hard to deploy and slow the website down. CDC obtains the customer data from the databases and lets the website to access it fast, without decreasing speed or other function of the web.
  • Tag Management System linking
    CDC can be connected with Tag Management System to link the data with the data from the website, merge them and send them further to analytical and marketing platforms. One unified outcome, resulting in an improved and flexible marketing strategy via accurate and express data.
  • Unified API for suppliers
    CDC helps in case when you need to provide data to multiple suppliers and want to avoid creating your own API. When CDC is implemented, it helps your suppliers to call the data anytime they need and you can be sure the data is accurate and up to date.