Measurement & Optimization

We have a process of systematically tracking user behavior on your website and mobile app into analytical and marketing platforms. Effective collection, measurement, and validation contribute to enhanced marketing impact.


We have an optimized method of data measurement to help you solve your problems and accelerate your business growth. The process of measurement implementation consists of several steps. We can revise your whole measurement process, set up your measurement parameters from the very beginning, or pick up from the part you need the most.


Tracking specification

The specification describes data sources, formats, meanings of entities and parameters, and where the data is being transferred. It helps discover if the measurement is broken and guides the development team fix it. When done correctly from the onset, it prevents unnecessary failures of gradual implementation while providing a conceptual solution. Without the specification, the quality of the data cannot be validated with accuracy. Knowing what transfers where not only contributes to a better overview and general understanding of the process, but also sets a foundation for better decisions in marketing and business strategy as well as unlocking new opportunities.

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Tag Management System configuration & maintenance

A tag management system generally helps to effectively manage marketing tags on the website and arrange them in a structured way. TMS helps to optimize the outcomes faster and gives you more control over analytics. It leads to more efficient work, increased productivity and reduced costs. TMS provides a better organization of your tracking scripts and creates a solid yet clear structure that prevents clutter, conflicts, and breakdowns.

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Analytics platform configuration & maintenance

A analytics platform lets you uncover the full story of your customers' behavior, helps you understand them, and provides them a better digital experience. Every analytical platform is based on a different data model; thus, the measurement needs to be aligned with the model. The correct setup of an analytics platform is crucial for proper data representation.

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Tracking validation

Validation is an indispensable part of every measurement implementation. Making data-driven decisions requires full trust in the data which cannot be achieved without validation. Proper validation needs to be executed on several levels of measurement; hence it is usually the lengthiest yet most valuable part of the implementation.

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Data measurement can be done in many different ways. We do it effectively and bring better performance. Our attitude toward data tracking is unique in various ways:

  • Conceptual approach
    We look at problems from the client’s perspective, analyze, and audit every small part of the data infrastructure and propose comprehensive solutions.
  • Solving complex problems
    We are able to solve more than just one or two small issues because we think ahead. We understand that everything is connected and solving one small problem is not enough to grow a business as whole.
  • Valuable insights to growing conversions
    Data measurement provides helpful insight into reaching potential customers. Such thorough knowledge is the foundation for more advanced targeting, growing conversions and overall higher business performance.
  • No preference in technology
    Our vendor-agnostic proposals don’t force any specific technology onto anyone. We recommend the best options to fit your business, however, we can handle the ones you choose to integrate.

Want to improve your measurement? Are you not sure what exactly can be the best fit for you? You don’t know where to start? Get in touch with us and improve your marketing strategy game as soon as possible.

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