Marketing and Advertisement technologies

Coordinate marketing & advertising technology – MAdTech – to leverage marketing processes and increase the impact of marketing campaigns.

  • Optimization for cost reduction
    Save a significant amount of resources with optimizing the marketing architecture and utilize the key components. The optimal setup lowers the costs and increases the investment return.
  • Detailed roadmap of actual data flow
    The detailed overview of your current architecture uncovers potential risks, problems and also new possibilities for better marketing strategy.
  • Analysis and evaluation
    Extensive evaluation of the data infrastructure unfolds essential parts and their drawbacks. We also analyze business and data requirements for the best solution proposal.
  • Effective audience targeting and higher conversions
    Right tools with high-quality data deployment ensure better digital experience for your customers via effective targeting based on information, connected through various systems.
  • Tailor-made solutions
    We build solutions with specifically designed functions to solve your business problems and help to reach your challenging goals, with future growth in mind.
  • Right MAdTech Stack structure
    We study your situation and propose the ideal tool combination to elevate your business success and the most optimal data flow within the architecture.

How we do it

We create comprehensive and optimized solutions that integrate data flow seamlessly, support marketing strategy and smart marketing investments. Closing the gap between fast technology changes and slower organizational adaptation with optimalMAdTech increases marketing performance.

  • MAdTech Architecture Audit
    Before rebuilding the architecture, we look closely at your strategy, plans, people, teams and entire business to evaluate the importance of the structure and each platform. It is not about picking a tool. It is about finding the best solution to fit your needs and deliver your goals.
  • Marketing DataMart
    The reorganization of your data structure and clustering all marketing data in one place will speed up your data management. Database subset facilitates the quick and easy access to the relevant information and contributes to more efficient marketing.
  • MAdTech Architecture Solutions
    Implementing the right solutions that are aligned with your goals and fit into your business environment. We create our solutions in harmony with all the platforms and systems, whose combination is even more efficient and provide higher overall performance.

A broad mix of technology solutions, MAdTech vendors and marketing automation across various marketing and analytical platforms is beneficial only if implemented correctly and suit your needs.

Do you want to improve your architecture and optimize your MAdTech Stack?

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