Permission marketing automation tool for outstanding customers' engagement & conversion rates via strong relationships with customers.

  • Advanced permission marketing
    Utilize customers’ consent and build lasting relationships with your customers based on their anticipation, personalization, and relevancy, contributing to overall brand image.
  • Personal data protection as an opportunity
    Protecting your customers’ personal data shows you care and creates trustful environment. All data privacy laws are implemented to perform business routine without risks.
  • Granular options
    Present various opt-in options for the customers to indicate their interest provide more accurate information and ease the communication pressure.
  • Customers are more engaged
    Deliver the content that your customers have indicated their interest to boost their engagement.
  • More effective targeting
    Target only interested groups of customers to increase conversion rate and customer lifetime value.
  • Lower marketing communication costs
    Use your resources effectively and target only interested people. Do not waste on those, who prefer different offers.

How it works

  • Powerful API for consent management
    Take advantage of powerful API that helps you with consent creation and maintenance. With this API you are able to integrate Wecoma into any system you need.
  • Javascript library for your website
    Provide your website developers with the included javascript library. Lower your costs when integrating this complex system.
  • Safe consent storage
    We host your consents in Azure Cloud. Ensuring that everything is safe and always available. If you need your data to sync elsewhere (let's say your DWH) - no problem.
  • Absolute privacy is our default
    Afraid of providing us with your customers private information? You don't have to be. With help of clever information hashing we will never see any private data. Our solution is totally GDPR compliant.
  • User friendly consent management application
    If you want you can implement consent management for your customers via our API. But we will provide you with out well tested and proven web application. Start collecting consents without any hustle.
  • Excellent admin interface
    Do you need to manually edit consents on behalf of your customers? Adding new consent types? New channels? No problem, just use our simple admin user interface.

Use cases

Wecoma is ready for any personal data protection law, for example GDPR or CCPA, customizable and can apply to any website, suitable for marketing driven companies, no matter their size or industry.

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