Measurement Hub

Extensive method of data measuring of all web events combined with CRM data for the amplified impact of marketing campaigns thanks to proper data layer specification.

Data layer specification

Founding the measuring on the precisely specified data layer, tailored to your needs, to reach your goals. The specification is structured and complex to abstract out the user behavior metadata into a vendor-agnostic syntax built for a Tag Management System.

Comprehensive and conceptual measurement

Reach your targets, solve your problems and induce the growth of the business as one entity. This conceptual approach derives from looking at the whole picture yet breaking the process into small steps. It provides benefits in the long run and resolves more than one issue.

Unlocked full potential of your marketing platforms

Using the full extent of all the advanced features and reaching new potential of already incorporated platforms. Omnichannel data consistency grants the compatibility, reliability, and confidence to move up your marketing strategy to the next level.

More features

How it works

Taking the data from the data layers in real-time, transforming and augmenting them and immediately sending them into marketing and analytical platforms. Measurement Hub’s logic in the Tag Management System serves its purpose as a middleman between the website and each platform.

Measurement Hub is not just a box solution, rather a group of complex scripts deployed via Tag Management System. One of the biggest advantages is the specification of data layer, which is customized to fit every specific need of every company in order to reach desirable goals.

What Measurement Hub covers?
  • Data layer specification (specification of entities, parameters of entities, events)
  • Measurement specification (specification of mapping Data Layer into marketing and analytics platforms)
  • Code for all commonly used marketing and analytics platforms (codes which will be implemented into TMS)
  • Settings of analytic platform

Use cases

When all the platforms are dependent on the customer interaction on the website, the accuracy of data that are collected from it and its right integration is of the utmost importance.

  • E-commerce as a core business
    When e-commerce is the core business or brings the most lead and marketing spending is quite significant, simple measuring and analysis are usually not sufficient.
  • Extensive websites
    Big companies with complicated and extensive website data architecture tend to neglect the importance of consistency and structure.
  • Personalization is a top priority
    Reaching higher levels of personalization and accomplishing better marketing campaign results might take even more effort and resources when done manually.
  • Long term marketing strategy improvement
    Just shaping it together along the way may seem adequate, in the short-term, although eventually, it will catch up later. This solution is for a long haul and continuous improvement.

We decided to integrate Measurement Hub on most of our websites and we are very happy with the results. It is a great solution that can provide complex measurements. The exceptional team of experts in data measurement provides us with a complete implementation of Measurement Hub across our compound environment. The solution is very flexible, and it has always been easy to integrate with numerous APIs and data sources.

Marketing campaigns’ accomplishments rise to new horizons by utilizing the data for micro-segmentation, campaign automatization and triggering, and managing marketing audiences for retargeting.

Take control over your data, use the maximum potential of all the platforms, quickly deploy new ones to conquer more challenges with Measurement Hub. Are you interested? Or have more questions?

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Other Features

  • Uniform measurement across platforms
    As the data is identical everywhere you can avoid biases in data interpretation and be certain of uniform measurement in every platform.
  • Measurement validation
    Measurement Hub ensures correct data measuring and validation, preventing from missing single information, customer, order or revenue data. It patrols changes in API of platforms to keep tracking settings up to date and correct.
  • Measurement specification
    Measure how the Data layer is being mapped into each platform to understand what is being sent to the platforms. Measurement specification provides an overview of what should be sent to the platforms for internal performance or analytics team, or marketing agencies.
  • High level of customization
    Elevate your marketing strategy with a highly customized solution to fit your specific requirements.
  • Data layer implementation support
    Ensure the data layer is implemented properly. We coordinate with the developer or your IT team to make sure the implementation is done correctly, and the solution will serve its purpose.
  • Easy integration of new platforms and their changes
    Deploying new platforms has never been easier. The robust scripts of Measurement Hub are built to fit all the analytical and marketing platforms. The platform substitution is smooth, and we are the first one to know of any API change in each platform.
  • Personal data protection
    Transversal integration of customer consent management on the entire website is a powerful part of the solution. Personal data protection contributes to opening new opportunities for building relationships with your customers. It is aligned with GDPR, CCPA and more.
  • IT intervention
    Measurement Hub executes automated integration and sends data of customer’s behavior back to the platform for improved targeting, without disturbing your IT. Once the data layer is implemented, no need to ask the IT for help every time, the changes happen smoothly.