We are partnered with a range of global, industry-leading technology companies to provide the best results and fit the needs of specific requirements. We value our close cooperation that helps us customize our solutions for businesses of different sizes.

We design solutions tailored to your needs and we build it on the best technology available. Meet our key partners and their technological tools.

Piano Analytics is a French based company with strong focus on data quality. Their approach guarantees web analytics reliability and compliance while committing to transparency. This is achieved through a dedication to rigorous data security and data protection.

Thanks to Microsoft's amazing cloud ecosystem, we can run clusters of Hadoop and Spark instances within a minute. Big data processing and deep marketing analysis do not cost a fortune. Although we as well use other cloud provides, with Microsoft, we share a common technical and MAdTech vision.

The official badge certifies us with the latest Google product knowledge available. With Google, we deliver increased business performance, better targeting, and improved customer relationships.

Tealium is the newest member of our partnership portfolio. Our cooperation extends the deployment of marketing data solutions that utilize our customer’s data securely in real-time. Thanks to the Tealium Customer Data Platform, our clients understand their customers’ behavior better so they can properly react, and develop effective marketing strategies without over-communication. Through standardized data from many different tools and systems, their solution turns a fragmented view of customers into a relevant consistent view packaged in one place to elevate your brand’s value and raise revenue by delivering relevant content to your customers.

As a Community Adobe partner, we use and combine Adobe experience cloud solutions, innovate, fully utilize the solutions, and reach their goals. We can fully integrate our solutions with Adobe’s to fit our clients’ needs. Adobe Experience Cloud offers AI-driven solutions for marketing, analytics, advertising, and commerce through the most comprehensive set of customer experience applications and services available. These services include; Adobe Analytics, providing insightful and useful data. Adobe campaign, empowering clients to use rich customer data for creating, coordinating and delivering high impact dynamic campaigns; Adobe Audience Manager, enabling powerful data driven marketing through customer profiling; and Adobe target, for more impactful targeting.

Together, with our partners, we deliver impactful business to maximize your success.

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Extracting the highest value from data and providing the best digital experience require a handful of great minds and expert technology. We recognize the advantages of cooperation by complementing without competition and delivering remarkable solutions together.

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