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Cross Masters is a great place to start and develop your career. We are a growing, dynamic company and every success is rewarded.

Open positions

We are looking for smart and motivated people who are eager to learn and are ready to solve puzzling obstacles with us. Currently we seek candidates for these positions:

We support those who are not afraid to question the status quo and create bold solutions for our clients. Driving the change and stepping outside the well-known box distinguishes us from most of our competitors. We are looking for smart and motivated people who are eager to learn. We seek potential and we will teach you the rest.

Our Culture

We are a team of energetic and passionate people who build a creative and friendly environment. We create the best possible digital experience for the customers of our clients.

  • Cooperation

    We cooperate as a team and combine collective knowledge to get the best results. We always share our skills with each other.

  • Openness

    We are open. We talk to you; we ask for your opinion and we listen when you have something to say.

  • Individual approach

    We respect you as an individual and we help you to discover and develop your talent in the area you are interested in.

  • Fair play

    We are honest. For us honesty is an important value, so we play fair with you, and we play fair with our clients.

  • Sense of humor

    We don’t take ourselves too seriously, enjoy jokes to ease difficult situations. We like to have fun at work to perform well.

  • Rewarding hard work

    We value the work every team member is putting into our projects. We reward hard work with competitive salary.

  • Innovation

    We follow the newest technologies; we are passionate about innovation and we support you in bringing forward new ideas.

To do something well is to enjoy it

Cross Masters is an inspirational place where a team of friendly and passionate people develops unique solutions for companies to help them improve their relationships with customers, create the best digital experience for the clients and their customers, thus increase overall business performance.

What is characteristic for Cross Masters is the informal environment as well as the way of thinking, solving complex problems, openness, direct action, and flexibility. Whether you love numbers, brackets, letters, or clients, you will use and grow your potential with us. We look forward to creating the best marketing solutions for our customers, thanks to you. Are you ready to overcome even the most puzzling obstacles with us?

Benefits & perks

Work Happier With Us

Support for both in-house and external training for your professional development. Mentorship from experienced colleagues is a matter of course.


We are open to new fresh talents with revolutionary ideas who want to learn new things. Our Internship program is designed for technology beginners. We pride ourselves with practical way of learning on real projects and friendly atmosphere.

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