Designed for challenging requirements of individual projects in a mind. We power the performance of the business as a whole.

Waaila Suite

Ensure high-quality data for accurate decision making on time. Monitor, detect & prevent.

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Measurement Hub

Exploiting the full potential of all marketing platforms, for greater personalization and higher campaign returns.

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TV Advertising Effectiveness

Measure the impact of your TV Ad on your brand awareness, user activities on your website or even on other marketing channels. Insights into what is the outcome of TV Ads is nowadays critical for successful marketing mix management.

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Take GDPR as an opportunity, with our Permission Marketing approach, we treat each Customer's intent as a consent. Such approach proved to generate higher conversion rates and better customer experience during the entire customer life cycle.

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Customer Data Cache

Have you ever wondered how well some websites understand you and show you what you want? Link your customers data from your internal CRM into your website and push them further into any marketing solution.

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