Aspiring Data Master

We are looking for a colleague with technical skills to join our team of experts who will be a part of developing creative and innovative solutions, with the focus in areas of marketing technology.

Although all projects and tasks are different, they are all connected with the objective to increase our client’s maturity and business efficiency. If you like to solve problems, are willing to push innovation, generate new fresh ideas, explore new technologies, and do not fear of a failure, then we would like to see you.

About us

Cross Masters is a great place to start and develop your career. We are a growing, dynamic company and every success is rewarded. We are experts in Marketing and Advertising technology consultancy. Every project we execute starts with building a global perspective on our client needs. We specialize in developing innovative data-driven solutions to power (not only) digital marketing.

What will you do

  • Work with a senior team member to provide client support
  • Identify the requirements of client needs and provide a solution that makes our clients happy
  • Collaborate with data architects, analysts, and developers on our solutions or services
  • Prepare data for data mining and data analysis
  • Analyze and visualize data and find valuable insights
  • Look for problems in data infrastructures, evaluate severity and priority, find better solutions
  • Implement your new fresh ideas and improvement
  • Learn and teach others

You must answer YES to all these points

  • Are you motivated, eager to learn constantly, and ready for new challenges to be solved?
  • Do you find discovering and enhancing business value with data as an interesting field to develop yourselves in?
  • Do you consider effective team communication and collaboration to be an important part of the process?
  • Do new tasks and skills to learn for various projects sound better to you than repetitive work?
  • Czech or Slovak language on a native level?
  • English level B2+ (you can communicate in English, understand technical documentation)?

You need to have some practice and principle understanding of the following areas:

  • Experience with SQL (e.g. MS SQL and/or PostgreSQL)
  • Experience with cloud platforms (e.g. Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google)
  • Experience with data extraction and transformation (ETL / ELT)
  • Experience with data visualization (Power BI / Tableau / Data Studio)

Skills we welcome

  • Basic Machine Learning (e.g. R / Python) and AI cognitive computing
  • NoSQL or BigData solutions (e.g. Hadoop, Spark)
  • UML
  • Have worked with Docker
  • Experience with API communication (Postman)

Benefits & perks

Learn and Grow

Support for both in-house and external training for your professional development. Mentorship from experienced colleagues is a matter of course.


We pride ourselves for being autonomous. You will be given responsibility early to fulfill your potential.

Flexible Working Style

Take advantage of flexible working hours. Home office by prior agreement.

The setup and environment you need

Everything need to be successful in your endeavors. Hardware, software, unlimited coffee, tea, soft drinks, fruit... All of that in the most innovative building in Prague.

International clients - International team

We are building a diverse international team to work with large international companies.

Boredom? Banished

This is not for someone who likes every day to be the same. You will be on the cutting edge of our field. Your job will never be boring.

Interested? Do you think we would be a good fit?
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