Waaila Suite

Our suite of Artificial Intelligence solutions for effective website data quality assurance. Avoid wasting money & resources because of low decisions quality caused by wrong or imprecise data.

Waaila app

Comprehensive application for automatic data quality monitoring, supported by a global community of hundreds of expert web analysts. Due to poor quality data we saw our clients were having, and its impact on decision quality, we decided to tackle this issue and developed a new tool. It is supported with machine learning and AI algorithms to continuously monitor what data you are collecting. With Waaila you will never waste money on marketing campaigns or lose customers again, because of website issues. Detect and avoid web measurement attacks.

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Waaila Tracking Validator

Nifty Google Chrome extension for data layer validation & inspection. With the current pace of agile development and changes push to the website, data layer testing is often compromised. Why to let a human do something that a tool can do for you? This extension checks whether your data layer is populated correctly and contains all data required by your MAdTech infrastructure.

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