An internship at Cross Masters is a unique opportunity to try working on real projects, learn to solve challenging yet interesting research and analytical tasks for real clients, or participate in business negotiations.

No need for years of experience. We seek a great passion to learn new things and a winning attitude.

We work for large e-commerce companies, banks, car manufacturers, and other industries not only from the Czech Republic but also from Europe and Scandinavia.

Why is the internship in Cross Masters an influential opportunity?

  • Innovative technology
    The program introduces the abundance of challenges brought by the marketing technology industry and helps you to comprehend various tools and their usage.
  • Starting point to rocket your career with a valuable reference
    Beginning your career in a well-known and established company in MAdTech gives you a great kick-off, experience, and a great reference.
  • Insights into data-oriented companies
    Be a part of creating custom solutions for various companies, get advantageous insights, and grasp a comprehensive industry overview.
  • Opportunity to turn ideas into real projects
    You can contribute to the creation of innovative ideas that will help many companies improve their marketing.
  • Test your talent in practice on interesting real projects
    Reading case studies is great for broadening the knowledge, however, the experience and opportunities to look closer into real projects provide incomparable insights.
  • Diverse environment
    We are an international team that works on different and most of the time very complex solutions.
  • Mentoring from experts in various fields
    Experienced specialists from our team will provide you with valuable tips and advice, mentor you, teach you interesting things, and help you develop yourself.
  • Possibility to continue the cooperation after the internship
    At the end of the internship, we evaluate our recruitment needs in our teams and invite trainees to take part in recruitment for permanent positions.
  • Financial rewards
    For your hard work, we will reward you with CZK 6,000 per month.
  • Flexible hours and starting date
    During the internship, you will have the opportunity to adjust working hours to meet your schedule.

What does it take?

  • 20 hours a week
    You will work on real projects for about 16 hours and 4 hours will be used for home study of various materials.
  • English is a must
    We are a multicultural office, some of us do not speak Czech and most of the materials we work with are in English. Take into account that your English level needs to be on at least B2.
  • For students and absolvents
    The internship is suitable for 4th and 5th-year university students or recent university graduates. We welcome graduates of fields focused on economics, marketing, analytics, or IT.
  • Discipline and determination
    We want to rely on you; thus, we require a responsible and disciplined approach. We will entrust you with demanding tasks.
  • Individual projects to work on
    During the internship, you will receive two projects for independent development, which you will present to the others at the end. You will show your creativity, independence, and your progress.
  • Competition
    During the internship, it is possible you will work with 2 to 3 interns at the same time. You can lean on each other and get motivated to deliver better results.

What can you expect during the recruitment process?

  • Emphasis on your competence, not your experience. Related education is a plus.
  • Interesting recruitment tasks as a chance to demonstrate your practical skills.
  • An opportunity to meet our mentors you would primarily work with, depending on the focus you are interested in.
  • Respectful, professional approach combined with a friendly atmosphere.

The focus of the internship

Data Science

This internship is suitable for anybody who is passionate about exploring how data can drive business decisions. If you study Masters degree in Computer Science, Applied Statistics, Applied math, Data Science, or a related field. It is just enough if you have some experience with programming languages such as Python or R.

Analytics and strategy

In the internship focused on analytics and strategy, you will participate in the evaluation and analysis of data; you will visualize data and participate in the preparation of strategies for specific clients.

Business development

During the internship focused on business and client service, you will participate in communication with clients, preparation of presentation and business materials, and business meetings.

Internship timing

  • The internship lasts 3-5 months, typically starting in September or in March. However, you can apply at any time, the sooner the better.
  • Apply up now. We can find the right timing together.

Intern testimonials

I am interested in analyzing and evaluating large amounts of data using programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Analytics. That's why I chose an internship in Cross Masters focused on analytics and strategy. I tried real projects in my field and at university here. Working with motivated people in a friendly environment was a great experience for me.
An internship at Cross Masters offered me a great opportunity to experience how it actually works in a specialized marketing data company. During my time at Cross Masters, I improved my work with Microsoft Excel, but thanks to this internship I also got acquainted with new programs such as P4Merge, Github, etc. I participated in real projects that developed my analytical thinking. I am also very grateful to this whole team for this move forward, with whom it was a pleasure to work.

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