Tracking Validation

Are you sure your digital tracking (web and app) is accurate? Is your data in high quality? Without proper validation you will not know for sure.

Why you need to validate – the importance of validation

  • Detecting errors
    A small mistake in data can have extensive consequences and detecting them is hard, especially early on. Especially the data you base your business decisions on.
  • Continuous data quality check
    Measurement is not static, web/mobile development is a continuous process that leads to breaking the measurement.
  • Keep up with the dynamic changes
    When new part of your UI is developed, you should think about extending your measurement and validating it.

When to validate

Continuously. Agile. One validation is not a guarantee, data will stay correct from that moment. Thus, with regular tracking validation, you can continually implement small improvements with big impacts without focusing only on the burning problems and skipping once down on the list.

What we validate

We validate data on three levels - data layer, sent data into marketing and analytics platforms, final content insight of these platforms. Validating all three brings the highest value as data comes a long way from the customer’s browser, through TMS, analytics and marketing platforms, eventually back to the customer in the form of e.g. personalized communication. However, validating just one part is a step closer to becoming a data-driven business.

1. Data layer validation

A data layer is the first step in collecting and distributing the data. High-quality data is a key element and the standard needs to be carried out from the beginning. Implementing a well-specified data layer is not a perfect win without completing the process with a thorough check.

2. Tag Management System validation

TMS in general transfers the data into other platforms whose correct functioning is based on that data. When fallacious data is being triggered to marketing and analytical platforms, you don’t achieve the desired goals. TMS validation is crucial for an effective and competitive marketing strategy.

3. Analytics platform validation

Not only reporting but also, for example, advertising obtains data from an analytics tool. We can help you be sure the data in your Analytics platform is true and accurate and you can rely on it. Continuous Analytics validation allows you to prevent data poisoning, that happens too often.

Start validating today

With Waaila - our tool, specially designed for Analytics validation. We have helped many companies to save valuable resources, just by detecting errors in time.

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