Analytics platform configuration and maintenance

Analytics platforms let you collect and analyze big amount of data about customer behavior on your website or mobile application. Business decisions based on data insights give you a competitive advantage and help you to understand your audiences.

  • Customer behavior overview
    Every analytics platform provides a default set of overviews about user behavior, such as time and location of the website visit, users’ devices, the most visited pages, retention of users, top-selling products, and many more.
  • Analyzing the traffic sources
    To manage your marketing, the knowledge of traffic sources and their performance is necessary. See, which campaign or channel brings the most visits, and which is the most profitable to optimize your budget distribution.
  • A/B Testing
    A/B Testing of ideas lowers the risk of a wrong choice; however, it mainly proves your decision was the correct one. The analytics platform allows you to evaluate the test results and decide better.
  • Monitoring business goals
    Analytics platform lets you monitor KPIs for example number and amount of orders, subscriptions, or any goal that helps you manage your business.
  • Hypothesis testing
    Hypotheses should be answered with data not instincts to ensure their validity. Your instincts bring hypotheses that the analytics platform allows you to verify.

Perhaps the most difficult question is, how far the potential of the platform can extend and how could you use it. Especially in case of an analytical platform, it is more than appropriate for the integration to be led by an expert who knows the platform very well.

How we do it


There are two options of how we can approach it:


Cleaning, improving and taking over your current analytics platform and its setup

  1. First, we clarify what your business goals and expectations are.
  2. We clean your analytics settings and apply improvements, for example removing old and not used dimensions, setting up channel grouping, excluding irrelevant traffic, etc.

Building an entirely new platform set-up from the beginning

  1. We start with clarifying your business goals and expectations and help you choose the best platform.
  2. We prepare the specification of analytics settings and implementation plan.
  3. You or your development team implement the platform on your website, or into the tag management system based on our specification and consultation.
  4. We set up the chosen analytics platform according to the specification and best practices.


Letting us maintain your analytics platform guarantees the tool works as per specification. We can also support your team to sustain all the settings and keep an eye on the possible failure.


Auditing web analytics platform is necessary if your current setup is obsolete or you are just not sure if it works properly. It is important to find out major and minor problems in the tool settings and prevent incorrect decisions that could harm the performance of your business.

The result of the audit is a complex review of the current condition and all the errors, and a new compound proposal for the improvement.

Use cases

  • Abandoned shopping cart
    Find out why your customers do not finish their orders. You may discover that majority of your customers do not proceed to the specific step of your checkout process, which gives you a good base for further analysis of the problem.
  • Page categorizing
    Analyzing customer behavior from search results can reveal improvements for reorganizing your page structure to be more convenient for your customers. For example, creating a new product category by grouping similar keywords that users search for the most.
  • Campaign profitability
    The analytics platform allows you to evaluate the outcomes of your marketing campaigns. When you start a new campaign, you can see if the investment brought the planed results or your expectations are not even close to reality and you can adjust the campaign faster.

Analytics Platforms

We configure and maintain any analytics platform depending on your preference. The most preferred tools used by our clients are:

  • Piano Analytics Suite
  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics